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Microsoft, the world’s most trusted technology company, has partnered with enterprise resource planning expert MazikGlobal to author, test and deploy a simple and powerful solution that unites all the disparate business and practice needs of a healthcare provider. MazikCare is the healthcare solution from Microsoft that lowers cost, increases return on investment, and improves quality of care with an integrated system that physicians and staff will want to use.

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We got where you go. MazikCare is designed with mobility in mind, making it one of the top solutions for fast moving healthcare settings. We ensure that you're never held back because of location or movement.



Security is a strong focus for MazikCare. With sensitive information on patients, suppliers, and employees - any breach in security could cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our system will maintain your security, and peace of mind, across all aspects of your enterprise .

Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI

Learning new EMR software isn't like learning how to ride a bike. As a complex,robust system; learing how to properly use EMR software might seem a bit daunting. MazikCare helps minimize the learning curve through it's intuitive UI. You'll understand what you can do and how to do it quickly and without frustration.



Switching to MazikCare should be as painless and as easy as possible. We can easily integrate with your existing systems and workflow to create a smooth transition so that you can see improvements right away..

Improve your Revenue Cycle Management: collect more, eliminate billing errors, and accelerate the billing cycle

Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management is a critical area of concern for healthcare providers. MazikCare addresses these challenges with an aggressive set of tools built on Microsoft Dynamics technology that correctly codes actions and notes taken by the physician, generates claims instantly and automatically double checks for accuracy. Revenue Cycle Management is a critical area of concern for healthcare providers, relying on leading Microsoft technology to streamline and ensure maximally accurate data improves accounts receivables and relieves the IT burden across the entire system.

Provide value and quality with a more robust EMR

EMR Software

Technology’s purpose in healthcare is to provide higher quality of care and to streamline business practices. If it’s not making the doctor or the patient’s day easier, it’s not working. MazikCare is an EMR designed for the future of your organization. Built on the familiar Microsoft stack, MazikCare is a simple, powerful and robust EMR that your providers will actually want to use. Beauty and simplicity make a difference: MazikCare EMR offers an appealing and intuitive mobile user interface with 360-degree patient information on a single screen. You’ll have reduced training time and end users who are enthusiastic about their EMR.

Optimize your supply chain management to improve quality of care

Supply Chain Management

When a doctor walks into a room to perform a biopsy, the room needs to be ready. A single device missing from the equipment tray means delays, unhappy patients, and burdened staff. This negative cascade is time and resource consuming for the provider, and ultimately, it lowers the Quality of Care for the patient. Optimizing supply chain isn’t just about making sure rooms and supplies are ready. It’s about improving the entire spectrum of the healthcare experience for the patient in meaningful ways. The results are measurable increases in efficiency, improved customer loyalty, and a staff whose time is never wasted.

Automate full end-to-end Facilities Management

Facilities Managemnt

When things work correctly, doctors’ jobs are easier. Whether in a small clinic or a large group of hospitals, there are many moving parts (large and small equipment, medications and samples, documents, deliveries, vehicles and more). Facility Management means making sure that all of the arrangements are coordinated accurately and efficiently. Facilitating a well-oiled machine is a task beyond software. As experts in integrated solution implementations, what Microsoft and Mazik propose is a transformative experience for healthcare organizations, so that data and deliverables always arrive to the right person, at the right time and in the right way.

Enhance Patient Relationship Management

Patient Management

Patient relationship Management is a rapidly evolving area in which technology plays an ever-increasing role. MazikCare offers intuitive, easy to use and beautiful patient portals enabling patients to connect with providers. Providers can also reach out to patients via SMS, email, video conferencing, automatic health maintenance reminders and more.

Amplify Financial Management

Amplify Financial Management

In addition to Revenue Cycle complexities, managing the financials of your healthcare organization correctly and improving profitability is an impossibility without modern accounting support. MazikCare offers the strongest and most robust financial solutions for medium to large sized enterprises. The industry leader for powerful Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable, General Ledger, Cash and Bank Management, and Fixed Assets is built into the MazikCare solution. This means not just an improvement in technology, but a true consolidation of the best technology available: one integrated solution for the full scope of your healthcare organization.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management in healthcare organizations brings added challenges due to the complexity and requirements of staffing, scheduling, training, maintenance of certifications, and credentialing in addition to the basic HR functions. This is a mammoth and burdensome undertaking for already overwhelmed HR departments. The wisest and most efficient strategy for Human Capital Management is not to “grow” a solution at home or rely on underfunded third parties who may be gone in a year, but instead to look to industry leaders who invest 3 billion annually in research and development: Microsoft. MazikCare integrates with the powerful Microsoft Dynamics AX Human Capital Management system to expertly manage your complex HR needs.

Automate Compliance

Automate Compliance

The complexity of HIPPA, JCO, RAC Audit, and others make for a challenging and ever-changing regulatory environment where simple coding errors and Medical Necessity reviews can translate into painful fines and other penalties, yet they are nearly always avoidable with the right systems in place. MazikCare meets these challenges head on with an integrated system that automatically updates new rules and regulations and then propagates those changes throughout the entire system. The most cost-effective way to avoid noncompliance fees is to be prepared with forward-oriented technology designed to protect your doctors and your practice.


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