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Microsoft, the world’s most trusted technology company, has partnered with enterprise resource planning expert MazikGlobal to author, test and deploy a simple and powerful solution that unites all the disparate business and practice needs of a healthcare provider. MazikCare is the healthcare solution from Microsoft that lowers cost, increases return on investment, and improves quality of care with an integrated system that physicians and staff will want to use.

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Revenue Cycle Management

The MazikCare billing and claims management system streamlines the billing process, tracks payer contract information, and automatically transmits claims to Medicare and other clearing houses. One-time and recurring claims are seamlessly created and accurately submitted.

Facility Management

Facility Management

Environments impact outcomes. The MazikCare Facility Management tools optimizes key codes and standards to best manage operations, maintenance and regulatory compliance. Great facilities lead to great quality of care.

Supply Chain

Supply Chain Management

Because materials management challenges apply to every department within an organization, this represents one of the most critical, far-reaching, and sophisticated arms of a healthcare organization. With joint expertise in enterprise resource planning and the health sector, Mazik knows how to get the right materials in front of the right people at the right time.


Financials Management

MazikCare is built on Microsoft’s most powerful financial and accounting platform: Dynamics AX. By developing healthcare-specific financial functionality for Dynamics AX, Mazik empowers healthcare organizations to tighten billing cycles, report more accurately, and collect more payment.

Human Capital Management

Human Capital Management

MazikCare’s Human Capital Management module looks and feels like Microsoft Outlook , which reduces training time and increases end-user productivity. Staffing, professional development and scheduling can be easily and quickly created and managed.

Audit and Compliance

Audit and Compliance Management

Maintain certifications and avoid penalty fines with MazikCare’s regulatory functionality. Implement new regulations automatically throughout the system, and respond efficiently to audit requests for information.


Revenue Cycle Management

MazikCare maintains secured collaborative electronic health records for every patient. The physician-designed tablet-based charting system is intuitive, efficient, and enhances the doctor-patient relationship.

Patient Relationship Management

Patient Relationship Management

Provide better Quality of Care and build patient loyalty. The MazikCare patient relationship management system and secure patient portals will automate and facilitate patient engagement to improve your care and your business.

Pharmacy Management

Pharmacy Management

Monitor prescriptions, medication inventories, and medical device supplies from a robust platform that securely automates the end-to-end patient, doctor and pharmacist interaction.

Lab Management

Lab Management

Increase speed and accuracy of result transmissions, reduce errors, and protect your data with a single integrated solution.


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